Photo Credit: Wild Expeditions

Photo Credit: Wild Expeditions


Utah FAq

You are almost ready for adventure but you have some questions….we have some answers

What day does our adventure start? +

We will begin our adventure on the morning of October 12th.

What is included in the cost of the adventure? +

All guided adventures, kayaking, canyoneering, and hiking are included as well as lunch after each adventure.

Who is leading the adventuers? +

We will have expert guides from Wild Expeditions to lead us on each adventure.

Where can we stay? +

There are several options in Bluff, Utah for accomodations. You'll need to secure your own. The new resort being build will have rooms available at a discount for WOA members.

What airport do we fly into?

Phoenix Airport is 5 hours from Bluff, Utah. Durango Airport is 2 hours from Bluff, Utah

Do we go directly to the resort and how do we get there?

You will need to book your own accomodations. Be sure to arrive Friday so you will be ready to meet us at 8am on Saturday morning.

Is there a list of things to bring?

We will provide you a suggested list in your welcome packet.

If we want snacks and drinks for each adventure is there somewhere local to get them?

There are convience stores in Bluff.

What meals are included if any?

Lunch is included in your trip after each adventure. Kayaking, Rapelling, and Hiking.