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Pops & Conversation


In observation of the August heat we are going to mix up our normal Coffee & Conversation by nixing the coffee and throwing in Steel City Pops!

If you’ve never been to Steel City Pops all of their pops are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients when possible.

  • Made in small batches to ensure great flavor.

  • Made with organic ingredients when possible.

  • Sweetened with unrefined, organic cane sugar or honey.

  • Gluten-free.

  • Completely natural, we don’t use anything artificial, ever!

In keeping with our traditional Coffee & Conversation, his adventure is perfect for getting to know your fellow or future adventure buddies. It’s gives us a chance to slow down and talk about adventures we want to try. It’s all about connecting before adventuring. 

Social adventures can have an element of fear for some so know that you are in safe hands. We always have an environment of show up and be welcomed. Look for Bobbie with a WOA hoodie or t-shirt on. 

This is a great “pop ” in event. (see what I did there LOL) If you can’t be there at 6, no problem. Get there when you can and stay until you need to leave. See you soon!


Steel City Pops

812 South Alamo, Suite 101

San Antonio, TX 78205