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Trexler Border Trail Hike

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 Let's explore the famed Trexler Nature Preserve this month! General Harry C. Trexler (1854-1933) contributed a great deal to the growth and quality of life in Lehigh County. General Trexler purchased 1,108 acres, in Lowhill and North Whitehall Townships to create a game preserve to protect bison, elk, and white-tailed deer. In 1933, General Trexler gave the land to Lehigh County in his will and it became the Trexler-Lehigh County Game Preserve. 

I call TNP my home park, but I've never done the ~9 mile Trexler Border Trail. So, let's do it!

We'll park at the highest elevation point, the Environmental Center lot, which is easy to get to but that means we'll have a climb at the end. Don't worry, teamwork!

It may be muddy in some spots - please be prepared! Bring water, and snacks, and maybe even lunch for the end. On the way out, take the drive past the zoo, ford the river, and see the bison and other animals grazing.

Trail Map:
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Trexler Nature Preserve - Environmental Center
4931 Orchard Rd,
Schnecksville PA 18078