Des Moines Iowa Outpost meet for coffee and conversation at Smokey Row.

Des Moines Iowa Outpost meet for coffee and conversation at Smokey Row.


How do I join Women on Adventures? +

Simply go to our join page and choose monthly, annually, or lifetime. Once you pay for your membership you are in!

What do I get with my membership? +

You will have access to all of our outpost calendars, you will receive a 10% in our store, you get member pricing for all of our adventures and vacations, exclusive member content in the members area, and more.

Where do I find my outpost calendar? +

Go to the Outpost link and they will all be listed there. You can also find the link in the members area.

Can I visit other outposts? +

You can visit any outpost. So if you are visiting Florida you can check out their calendar and adventure with new friends.

Are the adventures free?

Some are free and some have a fee. Each adventure is different.

Is the membership fee refundable?

No, we want you to try it before you buy it so there are no refunds. You can sign up for our 30-day trial to see if you want to become a full member.

How many events do you have each month?

It depends on the month and outpost, but there is a minimum of one.

What if I don't have a WoA outpost?

Start one! We will help you get started!

I don't want to start an outpost, but can I still join if there is no outpost in my area?

Of course! We will have loads of great information in our members-only group, so it will be worth it to still be a member.

Can I submit ideas for adventures?

Yes please! We would love to hear from you. You can reach out to your local ambassador.

Do you have rules for code of conduct?

Absolutely! You can find those in our rules of engagement.

What if I see someone breaking the rules at an adventure?

Please email Jenny. We take our rules very seriously, as they are in place to keep us safe and ensure we all have fun.

Do people get kicked out?

Unfortunately, it is a possibility.

Do you have a no-show policy?

Yes, and it is strict so be careful what you commit to. 3 no-shows and you will be suspended for 6 months.

How do I become a sponsor?

Let's talk.

How can I work with you?

We are always interested to hear about new products and services. Please fill out the form on our Contact page to let us know what you have to offer.