Code of Conduct for WoA Members


Members of our group agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct. These rules are designed to enhance our members enjoyment of events, and keep us safe. Violations of these rules is grounds for expulsion from the group.


  • PERSONAL ETIQUETTE: Always be polite, courteous and respectful of other members. Be considerate of other visitors and their experience. Bring a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Make sure to express your gratitude to your organizers, their assistants, people you carpool with, and anyone else who makes the experience possible.


  • RSVP ETIQUETTE: Always RSVP for events you plan to attend and include +1 for any guests that will accompany you. If you change your mind and won't come, make sure you email the coordinator of the adventure, especially if there is an attendance limit for an event. Try to finalize your RSVP at least two days before the adventure to allow your spot to be filled. Repeat no-shows will result in a suspended membership (no refunds for membership fees will be given).


  • ADVENTURE ETIQUETTE: Always follow the rules of the adventure. Remember you are a guest for any adventure. Please act like one. We strive to create a safe and encouraging environment for women to try new things. This can be a very scary and challenging way to get out of our comfort zone. We do this to challenge ourselves. We are not creativing a competitive environment, we are not trying to be better than our fellow adventurer.


  • CARPOOL ETIQUETTE: In general this applies for out-of-town trips where you meet at a predetermined spot, get into fewer cars, and share the ride to the Adventure. In these cases, it is expected that passengers reimburse the driver for gas, parking fees, and any other trip expenses incurred during that day. You should discuss this and agree on the formula before leaving the carpool spot! For gas, the best way to do this is to have the driver fill up at the carpool spot before leaving at their own expense. (Alternatively they can arrive at the carpool with a full tank). Upon return, fill up again and that the cost of that is the dollar amount for gas split among the Adventures. Costs that do NOT count towards passenger share include vehicle wear, damage, tickets, accidents, flat tires, etc. Those are risks incurred by the driver when they volunteer. Also not included are annual parking passes, the driver would have that expense whether they used it or not.