Women on Adventures

What does it take to be a woman on adventures? It takes curiosity, bravery, and an open mind.

What have you always wanted to try? Circus school, line dancing, backpacking, or curling?

Membership in WOA will bring you new adventures to try in your own neighborhood to around the world.

We provide all the adventure planning so all you need to do is choose your adventure and show up!

Your next adventure is waiting for you! Check our calendars to find your next brave thing.

Then join us when you are ready for your new adventure.

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Adventure in Greece

In September 2020 we will sail away for an unforgettable adventure in Greece.


Walking in Japan

In March 2020 we will take a great adventure to Japan to walk along a historic pilgrimage trail.

Next Up

September 18th Phoenix AZ - Board Game Night
September 21st San Antonio TX - Tea and Talk
September 22nd Des Moines IA - World Food & Music Festival
September 26th San Antonio TX - Foodie Adventure
September 28th Des Moines IA - Photo Hike

October 11-14th UTAH Hiking, Canyoneering, and Kayaking


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