rock climbing adventure

WoA 30 Day Adventure Challenge

1. Wine and dine yourself
2. Go for a walk
3. Self care day
4. Do a sumersault or cartwheel or headstand
5. Sign up and GO TO a WoA adventure
6. Learn a phrase (or 10 phrases) in a new language
7. Cook a new recipe
8. Play a game
9. Road trip to somewhere new
10. Give a stranger a compliment
11. Say yes to everything
12. Meditate for 5 minutes
13. Phone a friend
14. 10 burpees
15. Craft Day!
16. Volunteer
17. Buy yourself something nice
18. Taste something that scares you
19. Send 10 text messages of love and support to friends/family
20. Strike up a conversation with a stranger
21. Do a HIIT workout
22. Find a beach; go sit by the water
23. Sleep under the stars
24. Go on a photo walk
25. Take a different route to work
26. Try yoga at home or go to a yoga class. Be brave!
27. Learn a new dance step. Check out youtube
28. Update your resume
29. Power pose for 2 minutes every hour on the hour
30. Big adventure day: Go do something totally new, something that makes you uncomfortable.