Jenny Zink, WoA Founder

jenny woa

I have always called myself the accidental entrepreneur. I have a knack for finding myself in situations where business ideas pop up and turn real. This is one of those things I am tremendously grateful for because of the opportunities I've had and people I've met. 

One day I was minding my own business in my photojournalism class when my instructor asked me to take some photos for The Kansas City Star. My freelance career was born.

Skip forward to getting certified to teach yoga. While teaching at a local yoga studio I started a photography studio which through various different misadventures it turned into a yoga studio.

Skip to 2015 when I started this little meetup group to get my ass off the couch and adventuring in my new city of Phoenix. The group grew so fast, and before I knew it I had over 3000 people and groups in 4 cities. Just like that, a business is born. 

In all honesty I've always been the organizer of adventures. I'm the one dragging all of my friends out for pole dancing, or a 5k (remember that color run, Kai), or hiking, or whatever I can think of fun to do. My other love is inspiring others to do things they always dreamed of doing. I love seeing friends blossom and reach goals. When WoA started I realized my two loves were coming together, and I haven't stopped since. Sometimes I get frustrated with business matters, but I always come back to what does this group mean to people. Does it add value? Yes. Over and over again yes. 

When I'm not adventuring with WoA I'm hanging with my family and dog, Axl or running on the trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. My other great love is travel. I took my very first solo trip to India this last Spring, and I have a solo trip planned for May 2017 to hike across England. 

Thanks for stopping by! Reach out, I'd love to hear from you!

Happy adventures,
Jenny Z

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