The Intrepid Yoga Videos

As promised, we’ve put all seven videos here for you to watch any time you need a little yoga fix. We hope you enjoyed your time with us. We appreciate you being here and trusting us with your yoga practic.e


Week 1

When we are grounded we can more easily deal with whatever life brings us. We are more confident knowing we can handle anything.


Week 2

This week is a fun one. Spontaneity is key to life! We need to be able to go with the flow in order to feel like we can roll with the punches. The best adventures happen when spontaneity is kicked into high gear.

Week 3

Embrace the power of YOU this week as we guide you through a yoga practice that will make you feel like a badass.

Week 4

Let’s explore how we can create a habitual pattern of relentless compassion and unconditional love, not just for all other living beings, but also for ourselves.

Week 5

Please do week 3 as a warm up for week 5.

This week, let’s make a commitment to be honest with ourselves and others, speak our truth without fear, and be our most authentic selves. Finding the courage to speak our minds can be a daunting task.

Week 6

Your intuition is an essential piece of you. One that many of us lose touch with or question. This week have fun with your intuition. Watch this video with Jamie from Soul Bottom Wellness and see how she recommends tapping into it.

week 7

Now we bring it all together with this beautiful nidra. This practice is not meant to put you to sleep but if it happens, roll with it. It is meant to allow you body to relax while your mind stays present to the sound of Sara’s voice. Get comfortable and enjoy the next 20 minutes of pure bliss.