Week 3

warrior 2.jpg


This week is a powerful one. Confidence is a powerful thing that many of us, as women, don’t posses much of.

Our key points this week:

  • Let yourself be drawn to the color orange

  • Write down your affirmations. Choose one and keep it handy. Breathe it into you yoga practice. Put a sticky note with it everywhere you need reminding. Create a fun image with text and make it your lock screen.

  • Choose foods that fuel your body. There is a list on the pdf to help inspire your grocery shopping. These are not magical foods that will make you spontaneous but foods to remind you of spontaneity.

  • Essential oils are a delight for the senses. Choose one or buy a blend. Aura Cacia has a blend for this week and I will say it is DIVINE. I found them at Sprouts or Amazon.

The point of this week is to allow yourself some fun and play. Maybe even print out the pdf and keep it handy as a way to remind yourself that this week is all about Spontaneity.

Our call this week is going to be at 8:15pm Mountain time. That seem to be a really good time for a quick 30 minute call to chat about the practice. Remember, you can also comment below. Sara and I are checking in here to discuss anything coming up with your practice.

get your pdf for week 3