When we are grounded we can more easily deal with whatever life brings us. We are more confident knowing we can handle anything.

Our key points this week:

  • Let yourself be drawn to the color red.

  • Choose your affirmation from the pdf or choose your own. Write down your affirmations. Choose one and keep it handy. Breathe it into you yoga practice. Put a sticky note with it everywhere you need reminding. Create a fun image with text and make it your lock screen.

  • Choose foods that fuel your body. Root vegetables like carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, and red fruits like strawberries. There is a list on the pdf to help inspire your grocery shopping. These are not magical foods that will make you spontaneous but foods to remind you of being grounded.

  • Essential oils are a delight for the senses. Choose one or buy a blend. Aura Cacia has a blend for this week.

Starting with grounding so we can be rooted in our foundation to build on with our next weeks practice.

Our call this week is going to be at 8:15pm Mountain time. That seem to be a really good time for a quick 30 minute call to chat about the practice. Remember, you can also comment below. Sara and I are checking in here to discuss anything coming up with your practice.

Optional Props

Small ball for rolling under foot
Yoga blocks