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Thank you for joining us on this yoga journey. The next seven weeks are going to be a great journey that you won’t even need to leave your house for. Are you ready?

Each week a new video will be uploaded here to this main page. You can click on the icon below to access the videos.

  • SUNDAY Keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll email a link to each new video on Sunday. Here’s what you need to do when you receive your video. Give it a watch through first. So you can get a feel for the practice. After that we ask you to set up a morning routine. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes each morning to be in your space and do the practice.

  • WEDNESDAY Each Wednesday we will have an online meeting. This is totally optional. We wanted to give you a chance to chat about any questions you might be having about your practice. T

You’ll also get a digital PDF to download which will be your guide for the week. We encourage you to use the tips there to make the week even more special. Go deep into this practice. The videos are short so you can do them every day. Make it a ritual. Spend time with the affirmations, eat foods that will fill you full health and vitality. This is about living intentionally. Say yes to more love and adoration of you.

Thank you again for joining us on this yoga journey. We look forward to watching your progress and hearing about your adventure with yoga.