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The intrepid yoga project




Every year we sit down and write out our resolutions. Stop eating sugar. Be grateful. Lose 10 pounds. Start that damn couch to 5k. But every year these resolutions fall by the wayside as the months wear on.

The best part about this program is just when you think you are getting off track and bored with the video, you are going to get an email on Sunday with a new video, you’ll be filled with renewed excitement like on New Years Day that you will jump right back in. No missed weeks. no missed opportunities.

Sara and I thought about how we could help in the process of creating a great year. We wanted to address key concepts that will keep you adventuring strong and confident. This is what we came up with for each week:

Week 1 Grounding
Week 2 Spontaneity
Week 3 Confidence
Week 4 Compassion
Week 5 Truth
Week 6 Intuition
Week 7 Integration

Every week a new video will guide you through a sequence to focus on that specific intention. We want you to live up to your own potential. We want you to reveal your own true nature. We want you to get to know you in both body and mind.

The physical practice will explore the importance of mobility, strength, and stability over flexibility. How wonderful does that sound!

But wait, there's more! We'll also have available a resource pdf for each week on different ways to integrate your practice off the mat!

You can expect…

  • Seven yoga videos exploring the weeks intention

  • A Digital PDF Guide to accompany each video with affirmations, tips, and tricks to going deeper in your practice.

  • Weekly online meeting via zoom meetings

  • Access via website to Sara and Jenny. Each video has a discussion board where we can chat about your experience.

This is going to be a fun, challenging, and full of big growth! Are you ready?

Once you register you will have lifetime access to the videos. They will never go away so when you need a little more confidence, play that video.

Meet your yoga guide


Sara Paige

The cornerstones of Sara’s yoga classes are mindful breath, core awareness, functional alignment, thoughtful sequencing, safe transitions, and a satisfying savasana. Sara offers modifications, variations, and challenge opportunities so that students can learn to build their practice around individual considerations.

Sara’s teaching style is approachable and light-hearted, while staying true to the sacred philosophies of yoga. Sara believes that yoga offers us the means by which we can live with greater compassion, contentment, gratitude, and ease. Sara sees yoga as a process of being and becoming. As evolutionary beings, we are in a constant state of expansion, flux, and growth. Yoga arms us with the tools that help us to integrate change, foster healing, and bring about positive transformation.

As Sara has matured, her own yoga practice has evolved. Sara’s personal yoga practice consists mainly of meditation, sound meditation, functional movement exploration, and negotiating for space on her yoga mat with her two dogs. Sara is blessed with two children, Shelby and Sheridan. She enjoys the outdoors, exploring and hiking with her husband Jeremiah.

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