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Self Defense 101

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My husband and I regularly discuss self defense techniques for me but talking and doing are two completely different things. I believe we should all have at least a bare bones knowledge of how to defend ourselves, especially as well all begin to venture out on adventures alone; be that backpacking or just hitting a trail for a quick workout.

Self Defense 101 

  • Situational Awareness

  • Confidence / Fear control

  • Psychological Weapons

  • Power of voice

  • Escape and evasion

  • Expedient weapons

  • Self Defense tools on the market

  • 5 rings of defense and more..

This adventure is open to all members and their friends or family. Bring your daughter (13+), best friend, aunt, anyone who you love and want to know they can take care of themselves. The class will be locked at 20 participants.





7067 San Pedro Avenue

San Antonio, Texas 78216

Our Instructor:

Larry Clemens has a long list of experiences that grant him the perfect skills to lead us in a self defense class, see for yourself:


Ex-82nd Airborne Military Intelligence Desert Storm.

Training In Traditional Arts since the age of 9

Two Black Belts in Traditional Japanese arts

Expert in CQB, Combatives, Personal Defense.

Expert in body conditioning, strength training.

Expert in mind/body conditioning, meditation, qigong, and taijiquan.

40 years of specialized training and development in traditional and modern martial arts instruction.

Bladesmith and weapons historian and combative expert. 

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