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July Tea & Talk


HELLO!!! I'd like to start our group off with what I'm dubbing a "Tea and Talk"

I'd like everyone to get a chance to know me if you don't already, and have a chance to discuss what we'd all like to get out of our memberships with WOA!

I know I have lots of ideas but I'd like to get your input as well. I want to make sure I'm planning the types of adventures we'd all enjoy!

Brew's Lee is a cute little tea station in Alamo Heights. They specialize in authentic Taiwanese tea. They also offer a variety of Asian inspired bites. I haven't yet had one thing from there, food or drink, that I haven't LOVED!!! I thought for some of us Brew's Lee would be an Adventure of the Taste Buds! As an added bonus their store is surrounded by other amazing small businesses. I love supporting the "little guy".

4009 Broadway St.
San Antonio, TX 78209