Episode 8: Exploring the Woo World


The girls talk to Jaimie Schultz from Soul Bottom Wellness about all things Woo. 

This inspiring conversation about retuning to your intuition is so important, and we encourage everyone to listen. 


Here is a message from Jaimie about her newest offering! 

Soul Shakers ~ 

We were all born from the same magic.

This magic lives within us, and just like a fire, it will continue to build and grow or it will smolder out.  When people ache, it is because their fire has dwindled to small embers or ash, and they are feeling the darkness.  Bringing this fire back to life is how we can again bask in the light of joy, connection, and fulfillment in our precious lives.     

I start those kinds of fires. 

My name is Jaimie Marie.  I am a Master Illumination Guide, who creates healing experiences for people who ache to feel fully alive.  I guide people through a proven process of rebuilding and sustaining their fire forever more.  Together, we navigate the dark to identify what I like to call ‘kindling’, that once sparked, turns to flame.  These flames become your fire, allowing you to once again feel totally in tune with the magic in which you are (YOU!). 

I know you are sooo ready to start living in the warmth of your flames, which is why I am exclusively inviting YOU to come and take a seat around the fire of my Soul Illumination Series.  Here you will be joined with other light seekers just like you, that are ready to feel fully alive and make life an amazing adventure.  Together, we will journey forward where I will you on how to make the most magnificent fire ever.  Welcome back to the connection, laughter, and warmth of the light you truly are!   

“When a fire is illuminated, all that are drawn to its warmth are touched and healed” ~ Jaimie Marie

Now… Let’s spark yours!  

Reach out to learn more: 

Jaimie Marie



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