Episode 22: Psych Hike

Dr. Amanda Wetegrover-Romine at Canyonlands

Dr. Amanda Wetegrover-Romine at Canyonlands

In this episode Kai and Jenny talk to Dr. Amanda Wetegrove-Romine, the creator of Psych Hike, about the benefits of hiking.

The benefits of walking are numerous but when you add therapy to that equation? Extra numerous.

Dr. Wetegrove-Romine shares her experience of leading group hikes with purpose as well as one on one therapy hikes.

We all know we feel better after walking, now we have proof that it’s good for our mental health.

Show Notes

Download our exclusive journal page created by Dr Wetegrove-Romine for you to use post-hike. You will be able to track how you feel and visually see the benefits of hiking on paper!