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Meet your ambassador

Lehigh valley, pennsylvania  

HA!  I caught you checking out the LV Outpost!

I'm Tara and would love for you to come adventuring with us!  We are a group of women who know that life is best lived full of new experiences.  Whether that is challenging a fear of heights, a fear of public speaking, or just a fear of being stuck on the sofa, I hope you will find activities that appeal to you.

I'm NOT an extreme sports fanatic of any sort.  You probably won't catch me running a marathon or climbing Mount Everest, but I do enjoy being active and outdoors and finding the edge of my comfort zone. Some of my favorite hobbies are gardening/cooking/eating (those just go together), camping/hiking, crafting, dancing, and any activity involving water.  I was born in Bethlehem, now live in Allentown with my husband, two daughters, and a beagle mix.

I committed to being an Ambassador because I wasn't taking enough time for myself.  I was the type to read about someone else's adventure and think "Someday I'll get to do that".  Why not now?  As an ambassador, I have the privilege of not only experiencing those adventures I've always dreamed about but am able to share them with you and grow our tribe together.

Interested?  Connect with me or join us at an upcoming adventure!