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Jenny Zink, Founder, Phoenix Outpost Leader

Jenny is the founder of Women on Adventures and the Phoenix outpost leader.  Her passion for challenging comfort zones has taken her to India and to the tops of mountains.    In addition to running WOA, she spends as much time as possible exploring the Southwest and is planning a solo coast to coast trek across Great Britain in 2018.

Jenny's philosophy isn't that we need to do grand adventures to challenge our comfort zones. We can do that daily and those little challenges will make your bigger leaps into the fear you have held too close for too long. It's time to let go of the fear and there is no better way to do that than to join Women on Adventures. 

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Allison Schalitz, San Diego Outpost leader

I’ve always thought I was somewhat adventurous.  I’ve traveled, done my share of hiking, ran a few marathons, but I haven’t really pushed myself past my comfort zone.  I drive by a sky diving place a few times a week and always see the jumpers falling from the sky.  At this point I keep saying out loud that I don’t want to do it, but deep down, I think I really want to.  I’d like to get a few other adventures under our belts first, but my hope is that in this group there are lots of women who support one another and will help us all to get out of our comfort zones every so often (and eventually fall from the sky)! 


Vicky McCurdy, Lawrence, Kansas Outpost leader 

Hello from LFK! I met the group’s founder about 15 years ago when we worked together in an outsourcing group we created for Stay @ Home Moms. It was a forward thinking idea to create a way to keep our skills sharp & earn money for our families while raising our children. Jenny, yet again, has come up with another great idea with this group of Women on Adventures!

My kids are now college aged (one is even engaged to be married) and my husband travels for work a lot. At one time, I had a busy cake decorating business but, as I have been reducing my exposure to sugar over the last couple of years, I stopped doing that and have been searching for something else ever since. Over the last 6 mos, I caught sight of Jenny’s posts regarding what she was doing in Phoenix with WOA and noticed the growing interest. It certainly grabbed my attention too!

I love the idea of looking at life as an adventure and not just the physical aspects of exploring new places and being active but, also the spiritual and potential reflective part of it. With the changing of seasons both literally and figuratively (empty nest syndrome included) I have come to the point where life has come full circle and now is the time to be able to pursue new things I always had an excuse not to do. Carpe Diem? You betchya.

I enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, art of any form, cooking, music, history, reading, and exploring my surroundings. I’ve been married for 26 years to the love of my life and our kids are 21 & 19. We also have 3 other (4 legged) children – 2 dogs and a cat. I’m an avid animal lover & protector; feel most at ease when connecting with nature – whether it be roaming around Clinton lake or sitting in my backyard listening to the birds. Still cultivating my green thumb but, eager to learn more. I, reluctantly, commute 45 mins to/from work and hope than one day that can be eliminated to free up time for more adventures.

Lawrence, Kansas is quite an active town and people around here tend to be more open to adventure than maybe some other places in our state. I figured-what better place to start a new WOA group than in Lawrence?