Meet Your Ambassador

Central Ohio

Hey there fellow Women on Adventures enthusiasts!!

I was born and raised in Hilliard. My husband and I had an opportunity to move to Phoenix, Arizona for two years where I met our fearless leader, Jenny.  Then we were moved to Oceanside, California for two years before we decided we missed our friends and family! So we came back to Ohio in November of 2017 with our one year old daughter. 

It’s great to be back home, but I’m missing the connection with the outdoors that I had while living out of state. I know the Ohio weather isn’t always great.  We will overcome this with fun adventures either indoors or out! I have a wonderful list of events (hikes, day trips, zip lining, paddleboard yoga in a pool!, etc.) for this group and am excited to have you join me on a WoA adventure! 

My goal for this group is to get each member to try something new and to develop new friendships with other women in our area. It’s so easy to just sit at home and play on our phones or watch TV. Let’s meet others who want to experience more!