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Jody Rae
Minnesota Ambassador

Hello there!

I was born and raised here in northern Minnesota. After growing up here where temperatures have been known to drop to -40, I couldn’t wait to leave for someplace new, and hopefully warmer. When I was 19, I moved to The Netherlands for three years which was life changing. I then moved to North Carolina where I enjoyed many years of spending time in the mountains and on the beaches. Eventually I moved back to Minnesota to raise my two daughters closer to family. I have always had a spirit of wanderlust, which has driven me to now seek out new adventures close to home. In 2011, I committed to a life of learning to step out of my comfort zone. It has helped me to grow as a person, and has helped me through the difficult times in my life. It has also helped me to survive winter!

For the past three years I have been involved in promotional fishing, and am an avid ice fisherman (or woman). I love to spend time outdoors kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, camping, hammocking, berry picking, cooking, traveling and seeking out the best coffee shops and new restaurants. My daughters who are now grown, often accompany me. I am also a writer and love to share my adventures and thoughts on life in my newspaper column. Encouraging others to get outside and to try new things has always been a goal of mine.

For many years I have dreamed about sharing my love for adventuring with others. I invite you along on this new journey of mine whether you are 20 or 70, to meet new people and to learn to try new things. You won’t regret it! Life is too short and awesome to miss out on all it has to offer. Come be an adventurer!

You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong. – Sue Fitzmaurice