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You know how you find the right product and you want to share it with everyone? That’s what is happening here. We are hand picking our favorite businesses and products to share with you all.



WOA Vacations

Are you ready for a vacation?

We have partnered with Livalit for all the planning, but Jenny will be with you every step of the way.

Use the code: MEMBERPERKS

You’ll get $300 off on our Greece and Japan adventures.


Salt Stick FastChews

If you have been on a hike with Jenny then she has probably talked about or made you try these electrolyte chewables.

This discount is exclusive to WOA members. Please do not share this code outside the group.

Discount code: woa10


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As members you receive 10% off everything in our store!

Discount code: WOA10


Just Roughin’ It Adventure Company

Based in Scottsdale AZ this store will get your geared up for your next adventure. They have generously offered our members 10% off their online store.