Welcome to Women on Adventures. I'm are so glad you are here in our exclusive members-only area. Our goal here is to get your out of your comfort zone and into adventures.



Hi friends! I wanted to say here, before anywhere else, that I will be transitioning the Phoenix Facebook GROUP over to our message board next week. The Facebook PAGE will still be active and have events listed, but the group is going to move completely to the message board. 

The phoenix ladies enjoying our monthly hike and brunch at Saguaro Lake


Adventure is what we do best. Below you will find a link to our adventure calendar. If you have an idea for an adventure or there's something you've been dying to try, let us know! We will work with you to get it on the calendar. We all have our adventure list and who knows, maybe what you have on your list will be on someone else's list as well. 


archery woa

You will find a ton of great tips and information on our blog, but here you will find our beginning library of documents and ebooks. 

More to come...


Beginning Backpacking ebook


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Our message board is where all the magic happens—or at least I think so. There we will have specific channels for our adventures, along with topic experts to answer all of your pressing adventure questions.

If you are a lady of a certain age, and I'm not saying which age, you may remember those old school message boards. Remember? Well, let's bring it back and make some noise. Choose your favorite channel—backpacking, running, book club, and more—and join in the discussion. 

P.S. You should have received a second email inviting you to join our message board on Slack. Let me know if you didn't receive it and I'll resend. You won't want to miss out on this!