Get to know our ambassadors

Meet our current ambassadors. They not only adventure themselves, but also take the time to voluntarily organize and lead us on adventures! Make sure to give them a huge thank you next time you see them out there. 

linda woa

Phoenix, Arizona 

Hello Female Adventurers,

It is a privilege to be a part of this dynamic group and meet so many fabulous women. I am a big believer in adventures, whether they are physical, social, cultural, or educational.

I have lived in Arizona for 34 years and loved every minute of my time here. (Originally from Iowa, I am still a huge Iowa Hawkeye football fan, though.) My family consists of my husband, daughter (24) and son (22) along with two rescue dogs and three rescue cats! I love all animals and believe animals come into our lives to teach us lessons. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, skiing, biking, good coffee, and wine tasting.  My past adventures have included kayaking in Alaska, swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco Bay, rafting the salt river, and hiking to Havasupai.

I currently work for an Orthotics/Prosthetics company and travel a lot to provide education and training to our customers. This is a perfect job for me as our company motto is “Life without Limitations.” So true.

My goal is to surround myself with positive people who like to have fun. There are so many beautiful places in our state and I want to explore them all. I have an Arizona bucket list of places and events and I look forward to sharing these with Women on Adventures. I want to live life with no regrets and develop wonderful friendships along the way. Ready, set, GO!

allison 2.jpg

Columbus, Ohio

Hey there fellow Women on Adventures enthusiasts!!

I was born and raised in Hilliard. My husband and I had an opportunity to move to Phoenix, Arizona for two years where I met our fearless leader, Jenny.  Then we were moved to Oceanside, California for two years before we decided we missed our friends and family! So we came back to Ohio in November of 2017 with our one year old daughter. 

It’s great to be back home, but I’m missing the connection with the outdoors that I had while living out of state. I know the Ohio weather isn’t always great.  We will overcome this with fun adventures either indoors or out! I have a wonderful list of events (hikes, day trips, zip lining, paddleboard yoga in a pool!, etc.) for this group and am excited to have you join me on a WoA adventure! 

My goal for this group is to get each member to try something new and to develop new friendships with other women in our area. It’s so easy to just sit at home and play on our phones or watch TV. Let’s meet others who want to experience more!


Lawrence, KS

Hello from LFK! I met the group’s founder about 15 years ago when we worked together in an outsourcing group we created for Stay @ Home Moms. It was a forward thinking idea to create a way to keep our skills sharp & earn money for our families while raising our children. Jenny, yet again, has come up with another great idea with this group of Women on Adventures!

My kids are now college-aged (one is even engaged to be married) and my husband travels for work a lot. At one time, I had a busy cake decorating business but, as I have been reducing my exposure to sugar over the last couple of years, I stopped doing that and have been searching for something else ever since. Over the last 6 months, I caught sight of Jenny’s posts regarding what she was doing in Phoenix with WoA and noticed the growing interest. It certainly grabbed my attention too!

I love the idea of looking at life as an adventure and not just the physical aspects of exploring new places and being active, but also the spiritual and potential reflective part of it. With the changing of seasons both literally and figuratively (empty nest syndrome included) I have come to the point where life has come full circle and now is the time to be able to pursue new things I always had an excuse not to do. Carpe Diem? You betchya.

I enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, art of any form, cooking, music, history, reading, and exploring my surroundings. I’ve been married for 26 years to the love of my life and our kids are 21 & 19. We also have 3 other (4-legged) children – 2 dogs and a cat. I’m an avid animal lover & protector; feel most at ease when connecting with nature – whether it be roaming around Clinton lake or sitting in my backyard listening to the birds. Still cultivating my green thumb, but eager to learn more. I, reluctantly, commute 45 mins to/from work and hope than one day that can be eliminated to free up time for more adventures.

Lawrence, Kansas is quite an active town and people around here tend to be more open to adventure than maybe some other places in our state. I figured what better place to start a new WoA group than in Lawrence?

Kai WoA

Des Moines, Iowa

My name is Kai (rhymes with hi) and I am excited to be an ambassador for Des Moines. I am originally from Washington D.C. and was not raised in an environment that promoted being outdoors. I never hiked as a kid. Camping was out of the question. We were city people. Asphalt was our thing, not sleeping bags.

Years later I met my husband, Corey. He is a Midwestern man, through and through. It was with him that I experienced my first trip camping. He convinced me to trying primitive camping at Red Rock Lake in Iowa. I didn’t have anything ‘outdoorsy’ to wear so I wore a pink dress. It was a campsite that we had to bike to and I complained. We had coffee the next day and I was pissed that there was no creamer.

I was not prepared for my first time camping. I wasn’t prepared mentally, emotionally, or clothing wise. I hated camping. It was outside of my comfort zone. However, I pushed through. I went camping again. I made better decisions regarding what I wore. I made sure that I had creamer. I was more prepared. Since then I have fallen in love with being outside. It gives my introverted soul piece.

I tell the story of my first time camping with the hopes that anyone who is not sure about Women on Adventures can understand that this group is about growth. We don’t expect anyone to be an expert on the outdoors. And that resonates with me.