Meet Your Ambassador

Kansas City, Kansas

Hi, I’m Sheila, wife of 10 years to a quirky but lovable guy, and mother to three daughters in college.  Yep you read that right, three in college. Proud Momma here. With my children, mostly out of the house and a husband that works himself too hard, I found myself alone at times, wondering what I could do to pass that time. One day, I got up off the couch and headed out the door and slowly started doing things that I found interesting and along the way, I figured out some things. I hate going to the gym, I am not artistic at all, I will never climb Mt Kilimanjaro, I will never ski the slopes of Colorado, and I will never jump out of an airplane, AGAIN.  However, I did find things that I loved doing like archery, motorcycle rides, kayaking.

There is nothing more terrifying than trying something new, the fear of the unknown that makes you sweat, get a little shaky, and want to call it quits.  Whether it is trying yoga for the first time or walking into a museum alone. Once you get past all the uncomfortable things, you find the good stuff the exciting stuff, you feel confident, fearless, spunky, and fulfilled.  As I always tell my daughters, you must be your own hero. So, if you break out of your comfort zone, get out there and bring more balance and passion into your life with each new adventure, you can become your own hero and there is nothing more important than that.

Have you ever had one of those Mondays where you are sitting at your desk and everyone is talking about what they did over the weekend and you find yourself envious, thinking that you want to do that or someday you will do that?  I did, and if you see even just a little bit of yourself in my story, this could be your someday. Listen, I know it is scary to step out of your comfort zone, I’ve been there but you can do it. Make a bucket list, and I bet you will find as I did, that most of the things on your bucket list can be done here locally, today, now.  If you want to learn to kayak, ride the streetcar and check out River Market, or even just grab some coffee and talk, I’m your gal. No adventure is too small if you are having a great time. As the great Matthew McConaughey says, “You are the author of the book of your life.” Let’s Go Girls.