Meet Your Ambassador


My name is Kai (rhymes with hi) and I am excited to be an ambassador for Des Moines. I am originally from Washington D.C. and was not raised in an environment that promoted being outdoors. I never hiked as a kid. Camping was out of the question. We were city people. Asphalt was our thing, not sleeping bags.

Years later I met my husband, Corey. He is a Midwestern man, through and through. It was with him that I experienced my first trip camping. He convinced me to trying primitive camping at Red Rock Lake in Iowa. I didn’t have anything ‘outdoorsy’ to wear so I wore a pink dress. It was a campsite that we had to bike to and I complained. We had coffee the next day and I was pissed that there was no creamer.

I was not prepared for my first time camping. I wasn’t prepared mentally, emotionally, or clothing wise. I hated camping. It was outside of my comfort zone. However, I pushed through. I went camping again. I made better decisions regarding what I wore. I made sure that I had creamer. I was more prepared. Since then I have fallen in love with being outside. It gives my introverted soul piece.

I tell the story of my first time camping with the hopes that anyone who is not sure about Women on Adventures can understand that this group is about growth. We don’t expect anyone to be an expert on the outdoors. And that resonates with me.