Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty with worry, you are about to launch yourself off a perfectly safe platform and allow the zipline to carry you out of your comfort zone. Are you ready?


Woa magazine

Grab your cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired, learn something new, and maybe even find your next adventure.  


Who we are

WOA is a business started by a woman who was sick of her fears running the show. It has grown into hundreds of women ready to change their world one micro-advenure at a time. 



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Everyday we pour our coffee and think about the day of work ahead of us. Everyday we drive ourselves to a job we may or may not love. Everyday we dream of seeing iceland waterfalls and soaking in hot springs. Yet, everyday we forget to take the steps that get us closer to that dream.  Our micro-adventures will be your reminder.