Fearless Friday Challenge

2018 is the year of change and fearlessness. It is time to up your game and challenge yourself to live your best life. We will be posting weekly challenges here to help inspire that change. Every Friday a new challenge will be posted and emailed to those on the email list. You can sign up below to receive weekly updates on this fun #fearlessfriday challenge. 

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Week 28: Take a Hike

Ready to grab your boots and walk on some dirt? 

The benefits of getting outside for even just 20 minutes a day are scientifically proven. Want to feel better? Breath some fresh air. 

Now you don't have to actually go into the woods and hike for 40 days. We know you have busy lives, but try to get outside this week. Maybe even challenge yourself to get outside for a 20 minute walk every day this week! 

We promise that this is one of those challenges that you will never regret doing. 

Ideas for making this happen: 

  • Check out the app/website Alltrails for hikes in your area and trail descriptions.
  • Don't want to go alone? Look for local groups on Facebook or join WOA. Or simply phone a friend. 
  • Go for a walk at lunch.

Don't forget to tag your adventures #woaffchallenge so we can find your adventure photos!


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