Fearless Friday Challenge

2018 is the year of change and fearlessness. It is time to up your game and challenge yourself to live your best life. We will be posting weekly challenges here to help inspire that change. Every Friday a new challenge will be posted and emailed to those on the email list. You can sign up below to receive weekly updates on this fun #fearlessfriday challenge. 

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Week 31: Compliment a Stranger

It may sound easy, but wait until you try it. The effort is worth the reward. 

That person may be struggling on the day you chose to compliment their lipstick and that small gesture changed everything for them. 

It's pretty amazing what a smile and friendly word will do for you and a stranger. 

So take a moment and notice the people around you. Say hi. Compliment their incredible taste in shoes. 

Ideas for making this happen: 

  • Don't be shy.  
  • Compliment everyone or just one person. 
  • Look for the good.  

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