Fearless Friday Challenge

2018 is the year of change and fearlessness. It is time to up your game and challenge yourself to live your best life. We will be posting weekly challenges here to help inspire that change. Every Friday a new challenge will be posted and emailed to those on the email list. You can sign up below to receive weekly updates on this fun #fearlessfriday challenge. 

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 Naxos, Greece

Week 24: Cook a new recipe

Are you a self proclaimed home chef? Do you fear the kitchen? Do you just plain hate cooking?

I get you on all of those. I have a love hate relationship with my kitchen. I love food, but my culinary skills are limited. You know that meme where they throw the box in the trash - five seconds later - pulls box from the trash. That's me. If I'm following a recipe, I need to follow it to the letter. 

So this week is all about kitchen adventures. I encourage to you get out of your box and try a new recipe. Something you have been excited to try. 

The photo is from our newest digital magazine edition which happens to have a recipe. Maybe give that one a try!  

Ideas for making this happen: 

  • YouTube is a great resource for cooking videos. 
  • Check around your area for cooking classes. 
  • Go to the bookstore for cookbook inspiration.

Don't forget to tag your adventures #woaffchallenge so we can find your adventure photos!


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