Get your adventure travel sh*t together!

adventure jar

You wish and dream and talk about it but never have enough money to do it. Travel. We all want more in our lives but so many other things come first. 

On July 1st we started our 30 Day Adventure Challenge. Day 15 is craft day and I wanted to create something that inspires more adventure in our lives. 

Here you go. The adventure travel jar. By now you have seen the weekly saving chart*. It's brilliant and I've always thought about doing it, but never did. Oh, that someday mentality. This challenge was perfect for getting this done, and guess what, it's easy! 

Grab a jar
Put a label on it
Start saving

Simple. Do it today! 

*I like this blogger's approach. Doing the savings backwards to see immediate results. I also agree with putting the money in the bank to earn interest. I'll be using SmartyPig for my adventure fund. My jar will be used for spare change, dryer change, and other times I have extra cash laying around.