WoA 30 Day Adventure Challenge

Adventure Challenge

In a short four days we will begin our first ever WoA 30 Day Adventure Challenge. This comes during the 1 year anniversary month of Women on Adventures. I wanted to do something BIG to celebrate a whole year of adventure, and this is big. 

How it works. Each day I'll post on Facebook and Instagram an adventure for you to do that day. It might be big or it might be small. It might mean very little to you, but understand that it might be really hard for someone else. There are reasons I picked the adventures I picked. Trust me here. 

Once you have finished your adventure share your photos on Instagram with the tag #WoA30daychallenge. Also, follow our Instagram to see how we are adventuring with this challenge. There will be a drawing for prizes for the people who complete all of the adventures.  

To see the whole list of adventures join our Facebook group. The list is out there for you to plan your adventures. Some of them might need a little more than others. 

Most of all I hope you have a good time on this 30 day adventure. I hope it helps you to challenge yourself and have fun.