5 essential oils for your adventurous lifestyle

lavendar woa

With adventure comes bug bites, sun burns, anxiety, and more. Instead of filling our medicine cabinet with over the counter creams and ointments consider a more natureal approach with essential oils. I personally have been using oils for well over 20 years. They have been a regular part of our medicine cabinet as well as my self care practice.

Here are my top oils and why I keep them.

Lemon oil has stimulating, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing, and antifungal properties. I like to keep lemon oil around to clean the house or freshen the air. A few drops on a wet sponge popped in the microwave, set timer for a few minutes, then wipe clean. So awesome! But wait, there's more! 11 ways to clean with lemons

Peppermint: who doesn't love the smell of peppermint? This oil is in all of my favorite products. I haven't kept this oil around as much as I should, but that's about to change after reading 25 different uses of peppermint. Apparently, sniffing peppermint can help reduce snack attacks and energize you? Good bye afternoon Redbull and Twix, not that I would consume that crap. Nope....

Lavender is easily my favorite oil. I love the smell with it's calming properties. I've used it for headaches and it's my key detox bath ingredient. I've even used this oil when I accidently burned my hand while attempting to cook. Which is why I'm not allowed to cook anymore. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Ready for 20 more ways to use lavender oil? 

Tea Tree the wonder oil right here. No seriously. we go through bottles and bottles of this stuff. It is an antifungal oil so swab those swamp feet. It's a dream for helping with the itching of mosquito bites. We have used it for cold sores as soon as you feel the tingle start with the tea tree. It also works on pimples. More ideas can be found on WebMD.

Black Seed was new to me and recommended by Dr Fatima, a naturopath located in Tempe, Arizona. Black seed AKA fennel and is well known for it's anti-inflammatory properties and so much more. I'm going to get some of this one and add it to my oil arsenal. 

Many years ago I would mix up my own oil blends. I love that oils are more available as ready to use blends. I may or may not, probably not, be giving some of these oils back to my Young Living rep. who was kind enough to lend her oils for my photo shoot. 

If you want your own oils, Rose is standing by and ready to hook you up! Full confession, I have no idea if Rose is actually standing by, but I do know she is knowledgeable, has a great laugh, and is ready to get you started on the essential oil path.