5 ways to bring more adventure to your life


Some people seem like naturals at adventuring, don't they? Their Instagram inspires adventure envy, but you don't have to envy them, you can be them. I'm going to share with you five ways to bring more adventure into your life. It's easier than you think. 

1. Research your city. Go online and look up what's happening in your city this weekend. Call a friend and go. It's that easy. Facebook makes it even easier as you can search events then save them by clicking interested. Build up a whole calendar of potential adventures. Check out REI for free classes. Not only will you learn something, but you might find a potential adventure buddy. Check out your local library website. They also offer free classes. 

fossil creek hike.jpg

2. Go out. The best way to begin an adventure is to walk out the door. Take a walk or hike. That's an adventure! Take your camera and document the walk. Make your day Instagram worthy. Check out our blog post on how to take better pictures and pretend you are on a safari. 

ropes course woa

3. Sign up for an adventure. Think about what you have always wanted to do and sign up for it. If you don't have the money, start an adventure jar and save. A great online saving tool is Digit. You save money without even realizing your saving money! Another option is to look for free adventures or create your own. Gather your friends, set a place and date, and go. You might be surprised by who is going to go in on it with you. People crave adventure in their life and they just need that one person to ask them to go. Be that one person!

rock climbing woa

4. Challenge yourself. This is really what being adventurous is about. You have to challenge that good ol' comfort zone to begin adventuring. You won't find adventure on your couch. It's just not there. You have to find that little sticky place in you that might be holding you back. It will tell you to stay home. Stay comfortable. But try getting out. Maybe your fear is eating alone in a restaurant. Start there. Grab a book and go to a fast food place (it's quick and easy). You'll find it not so bad. Next leave the book and go somewhere else. Take those baby steps and it will get easier and easier. 


5. Find a group to join. Do your research to find the right group for you. I am a bit partial to Women on Adventures, but say you are not a woman, or we don't have an outpost in your area, yet, then find another group. Meetup is good for this. The groups get real specific about what they do so you may have to dig a bit. Facebook has groups too. Do a quick search for what you are interested in, and my guess is you'll find it. 

I have no doubt that if you pick just one of these five ways to bring adventure into your life you will be loving adventuring and craving more. Watch out! It's addictive.