5 Tips to taking better pictures

worms eye view

It's easier than you think to take better pictures. Many times it's just about learning a few simples rules to make your images pop. 

Here are 5 simple things you can do now to make your images more interesting. 

flowers at mogollon rim

1.  Angle - Change your perspective. Get low (worm's eye view) or get high (bird's eye view). Avoid at 5'7" perspective of standing there and shooting at eye level. Be careful though. Don't shoot people from the worm's eye view. It's not a flattering angle. 

grass at sunset

2. Light - Good light makes all of the difference. When you have enough light your images will be stunning. In low light check your camera settings and up your ISO. Even your phone camera has an ISO setting. Read your manual or check your phone settings to find this option. The darker the light the higher your ISO needs to be.

salt river

3. Composition - The rule of thirds is a great tool for composing a shot. Avoid putting things dead center. You want the eye to work for it. Force your viewer to move around the image to see everything. Pro tip: make sure you also look around your viewfinder. Be careful where you place your subject. No poles coming out of people's heads

4. Time of day - Avoid shooting at high noon. The light is directly above you and creates very flat images. Try the "golden hour" at sunrise and sunset. You'll have great texture to your images.


5. Get close - You want to fill your frame with your subject. Avoid a lot of dead space in your images. If you have space around your subject make sure that it's not too distracting. Be very intentional about bringing your subjects eye to what you want them to see. 

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules of photography. Once you know the rules you can break the rules with intention. That's what makes the difference between average photos and interesting photos. The intention of the photographer shows through with great photography.