Fuel: Lunch on the Butcher Jones Trail



Every month Women on Adventures heads out to hike, but not only do we hike, we hike and brunch. In February our hike and brunch adventure took us out to Tonto National Forest. We hiked the Butcher Jones Trail.  A beautiful walk along Saguaro Lake to an overlook with a stunning view of Four Peaks.


After our 5 mile hike (yes, five miles. Don't let some places fool you into thinking it's 3), we set up brunch at the picnic area. Everyone brought something tasty to share and we chowed down. One of the highlights of our meal was Jan's chicken salad. So yummy. She shared her recipe with us here so we can enjoy this anytime.


Jan's Chicken Salad Recipe
by Jan

6  Chicken Breasts (boneless & skinless-  chopped and cubed or shredded)
1  Cup Chopped Celery
1  Cup Red Seedless Grapes (halved)
1  Cup Golden Raisins
1  Cup Pecans (chopped)

16 oz  Sour Cream
16 oz  Mayonnaise
1/4 cup  Dried Parsley Flakes
3 tsp  Beau Monde Seasoning (Spice Island)
3 tsp  Dill (fresh)

Combine Dressing Ingredients in Separate Bowl.  Blend Well.  Pour Dressing Over Chicken Mixture and Mix Well. Chill and Serve.

* Note:  This makes a lot so I usually cut the recipe in half.