Become an Ambassador

We are always looking for motivated women. If you want to build a strong adventure community and empower women in your area, let's chat.

Many people have asked about how to start an outpost or become an ambassador.

Here are the requirements for being an ambassador.

  • Inclusion, WoA is an inclusive group. Everyone who is ready for adventures is welcome to join us. We welcome all women!
  • Planner, If you love to plan fun adventures for your friends or family, you are probably right for this.
  • Consistent, you show up every time. No flaky people please.
  • Time, You can dedicate at least two hours a week to planning and leading adventures.

We know you will love this job because it's not a job, it's an adventure. You don't have to be an expert in adventure. Part of the fun is learning along with everyone else. 


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