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Yoga in the Park

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This month we have a special opportunity to impact a sweet family in Puerto Rico who experienced first hand the devastation of hurricane Maria. 

Our WOA member, Astrid Corretjer, is raising funds to help her friend. 

A Note From Astrid A. Corretjer:

It has been almost 7 months since Hurricane Maria, regarded as the worst natural disaster on record in Puerto Rico, wreaked its devastation. So many families, their homes destroyed by the hurricane, are still displaced.  As a Puerto Rican living thousands of miles away, I am devoted to helping my people in whatever way I can. Happily, because of the kind generosity of so many that participated in a fundraiser I organized immediately after the storm, we were able to help a family rebuild their home and purchase a generator. That generator is still their only source of power for just a few hours each day. But it has allowed them to regain some semblance of their former life and to push forward.

I am returning to Puerto Rico in May.  Most of my immediate family still lives in Puerto Rico, as do extended family and dear friends.  I care deeply about this special place I call home. And I am committed to helping as many in need as I can.


I would like to introduce to you a hard-working, single mother, Jenny Andujar, and her 10 year old daughter Adriana. Jenny has juggled two jobs to support her daughter. They had recently completed a modest remodel of their house when Hurricane Maria blasted in and tore it apart. The roof was torn off and all of the contents of the house were destroyed. Jenny and Adriana are now temporarily living with her grandmother in the grandmother’s tiny one bedroom apartment with other displaced family members. Additionally, Jenny’s car was destroyed and she was forced to quit one of her two jobs as she lives in a rural area with no access to public transportation and no means of making the 40 mile drive to her primary job. She is forced to depend on the generosity of others for rides to her remaining housekeeping position.  The days she cannot find a ride are days that she makes no money.

Jenny is desperate to provide a stable home for her daughter.  I see this as a mission to rescue this little girl’s future. My goal is to secure a reliable used car and a deposit for their own apartment so Jenny can get to work to provide food, clothing and shelter for her and Adriana. I am reaching out to you to help me change this family’s life.

Yoga in the park hosted by Women on Adventure and Empower Wellness Studio.

Grab your yoga mat and family because this is open to anyone and everyone!

What to bring:
Cash for donation
Yoga mat for your comfort (or giant towel blanket)

Where to go: 
3502 E Cactus Rd
Phoenix, AZ

Park on the very north side of the park on East Columbine Drive. The pond should be on the south side of the park if you are in the right location. We will be there early so look for yoga mats! 

Head on over to the farmers market when you finish and grab your goodies for the week.

Your teacher: 

jenny yoga woa


Jenny will guide you through a gentle yoga session. Anyone will benefit from this practice from those who have never stepped on a mat to those who know what crow looks like.