Women on Adventures helps women challenge their comfort zones to make real and lasting change in their lives. Adventure is waiting. Are you ready?



A Brief History

Jenny Zink started Women on Adventures on Meetup as a way to get out and do more adventuring for herself. She thought if something was on the calendar publicly it would force her to do it. The bonus would be if one or two people joined her on an adventure.

Within a few days the meetup group grew to 50 people, then 200, then 500, then 1000 after a few months. Not only did one or two people join Jenny on adventures, but now hundreds of people have gone along with this crazy plan.

What kind of adventures do we do? WoA has been curling, indoor skydiving, horseback riding, pole dancing, hiking, rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, yogaing, and so much more. With so many more adventures to come.

The goal of WoA is to make great friends, test our limits, and have fun. We do this through group adventures. You can adventure locally or travel to our outposts and adventure with them. Remember, an adventure doesn’t have to be a grand international getaway, we can adventure in our own backyards.

Jenny strongly believes that nothing ever happens when we are comfortable on our couch. True growth and change happens when get out into the world and get a little uncomfortable. Maybe you are forced into change and maybe you crave change. There is no better way than adventuring with a wonderful supportive group that has become Women on Adventures.

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